Looks Like I Can Go (Silver's Theme)

by Crappy Blue

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I've finally found him... the Iblis Trigger!

my most popular work, according to notes on tumblr, now available for high-quality download.


I can’t lose

The Iblis Trigger… Where is he?
First, I need to gather information

Looks like I can go up,
looks like I can go down
Looks like I can go up,
looks like I can go down

Maybe I’ll go to the forest!
Maybe I’ll go to the new city!
Maybe I’ll go to the castle town!
I shouldn’t go over there just yet


I can’t grab lasers with my psychokinesis
It looks like I can only avoid them
Darn! I can’t get in because of the lasers!
Great, great!

Sorry, but I can’t afford to stop here


I’ve got to watch out for charging attacks
I need to dodge, then counterattack!
If that lookout mech finds me, it’ll be a pain
I’d better take it out first

I might be able to get around on this turtle…
This turtle is pretty useful!
Maybe I’ll go to the store
Grabbing this handle should take me somewhere–OUGH

I can’t… lose… to you!


Recenter the camera with the left trigger
Recenter the camera with the L1 button

I told you I couldn’t lose!


released June 8, 2016
Vocals taken from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), provided by Pete Capella (SEGA please don't sue)




Crappy Blue Medford, Oregon

Crappy Blue is a solo composer from the United States who has been writing chiptune music since early 2010, primarily working in FamiTracker but occasionally mixing in other mediums.

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